On-going Support

Everyone employee in a tourism business is involved in marketing whether they are aware of it or not. Every staff interaction will leave an indellible mark in the consciousness of the customer, which will ultimately have an impact on

a) repeat visits,

b) recommendations and referral visits

c) customers acting as advocates online (eg. tripadvisor, facebook)

However, you need someone to 'manage' your reputation and all of the on-site and external marketing activities which will impact on the customers' decision-making process. 

We are happy to work with you, usually between 1 and 3 full days a month to ensure your marketing campaigns are managed appropriately. Clear targets and budgets will be allocated and monitored on an ongoing basis - these will usually relate to 'revenue', 'occupancy' and other metrics like 'Average Room Rate'.

We will always be confident in proving our own 'return on investment'.