Creating Packages

Businesses in our sector need to become more sophisticated in attracting repeat and new business. Many customers now prefer to buy 'packages' which appeal to them - this is simply a list of benefits for a fixed price. These are particularly useful in attracting direct business during quieter periods, boosting occupancy.

We feel it is important to assess the profitability of each package and work with businesses to identify a break-even point. We'd then find a price-point between what we think people will be willing to pay and the profit level the business is happy to work to. In very quiet periods, a 'contribution to costs' is often welcome, especially if there is the opportunity to attract secondary spend. We would always look to maximise profit during strong trading periods and monitor revenue and occupancy on an ongoing basis.

This is all done in conjunction with the owners / manager of the business. Once the package is agreed, we then review the marketing opportunities available to ensure it reaches the right people.

To track individual package sales, we often need to set these up within Property Management Systems and ensure reception staff allocate sales appropriately.