Daily Deal Sites

Some see them as invalulable for sourcing new customers and filling gaps, while others see them as a greedy bunch of scoundrels out to take all they can get from hotels. Whatever angle you're coming from, they're here and they're here to stay. Customers are used to receiving the emails through, verifying the offers/availability by telephone and buying.

The trick is to have a strategy. It is also vital to do your calculations, as you don't want to end up as busy fools. The key ones appear to be:

* TravelZoo

* Voyage Prive

* Secret Escapes

* Living Social

* Groupon

* Wowcher

Commission levels vary, but have come down since the heady days of Groupon demanding 50%! More often than not, prices range from 15% to 25% with most being between 20% and 22%. That's still higher than many of the third party booking engines, but they can deliver volume a) if the deal is right and b) you get exclusivity in your geographic area.

We can develop a 'daily deals' strategy which will help you to boost your business when it's most needed. We can even negotiate and put the deals together on your behalf.