Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a vital component in the marketing of any business. The objective of email marketing is two-fold:

1. To generate direct bookings

2. To remind customers that you are there (even if they don't book right away)


Many things need careful consideration when running an email marketing campaign:

1. Building a database / gathering email addresses

2. Adding a email collection plug-in to your website and Facebook page

3. Managing the database in line with the Data Protection Act

4. Managing deduping, unsubscribes, soft & hard bounces and segments

5. Choosing the right online email marketing software

6. Developing templates to suit your branding and business

7. Developing the right offer(s)

8. Adding the best possible subject line

9. Sending from the correct email address

10. Having 'wow' images

11. Including strong call-to-action buttons

12. Having a 'text-only ' version of the email

13. Test the email for spam keywords

14. Do A/B split-testing

15. Merging core data into the email to personalise

16. Schedule and send at the right time on the right day

17. Understanding the statistics, such as 'open rates' and 'click rates'


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