Pay Per Click Advertising

As mentioned in the Online Advertising section, Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC) is a great way to build the number of visits to your website in a targeted way. What are are interested in is 'conversions' - how many people go on to book after getting to your website via a PPC advert. There are 3 main platforms:

1. Google Adwords

By far the most popular PPC platform, Adwords is essentially where Google makes all of its money (and we're talking a lot of money). Google will happily send people to your website and take you money and many businesses have thrown large chunks of cash down this big black hole with little idea if it generated bookings. Bad idea. 

2. Bing Ads

Bing (a Microsoft product) has partnered up with Yahoo! to create the 'Yahoo! | Bing Network' where they claim to be able to reach 20 million unique searchers in the UK (3.5 million of which are non-Google searchers). This still makes up a small proportion of all searches done, estimated at around 5% in the UK (Experian Hitwise) though this figure is much higher in the US. While Google Adwords is the first port of call for trialling PPC campaigns, it is certainly worth considering Bing Ads, as the 'Cost Per Click' is usually much lower.

3. Facebook Advertising

Facebook says "The adverts you see are selected for you based on the things you do on Facebook, such as liking a Page or commenting on a story, and the information you share, such as your current city or birthday. Adverts can also be selected for you based on information that you share with advertisers or because of how you use their websites and apps." Essentially, there is some very clever flexibility with Facebook Advertising, but again, the focus needs to be on conversions.

We can manage your Pay Per Click campaigns, both in terms of the initial set up and ongoing maintenance.