Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is simply about attracting more, qualified visits to your website through Search Engines, primarily Google. Search Engines use different and very complicated algorithms to decide which websites will be listed and what their position will be. As businesses, we need to understand this, so we can take advantage of this very important activity, particularly for attracting new business.

Essentially, SEO involves Three stages:

1. The identification of 'Priority Search Phrases' (often referred to as 'keywords')

2. On-page SEO (Manipulation of the pages on your website which are sometimes visible to the customer and sometimes hidden code)

3. Off-page SEO (Social Bookmarking, Link Building and Social Media)

We can do all of this for you. For most clients there is an initial fee for stages one and two, then an ongoing monthly cost (between £150 and £1000) for stage 3 (and ongoing work required for stage 2).