In tourism and hospitality, 'training' is still low down the pecking order in terms of investment, particularly when it comes to marketing. This is crazy when you think the role marketing plays in making a business successful. Indeed 'marketing' has changed hugely over the last 5 years and the channels available continue to morph. 

Essentially, we must go where the customers are and meet them on their territory. This means different social media channels, multiple online travel agents, various third party booking systems, an array of daily deal sites, making our website work on Google, etc, etc. Often however, we forget our current customers in this mix and it should always be remembered that these are our most valuable customers - ones who have returned and ones you already have an established relationship with. Direct Mail and email marketing are still important parts of the marketing mix.

We can bring your skills up-to-date. We can arrange bespoke training or do off-the-shelf one-on-one training where necessary.