In-House Training (hotels)

Hotels are often guilty of under-investing in training. Rather than seeing it as improving the skills of their staff, they worry that their "more qualified" staff will leave and their training investment be wasted. Through good Human Resources Management, there are a number of ways that this can be managed positively but in essence, an under-qualified member of staff will produce poor results or simply keep doing what they are doing instead of continually pushing the boundaries.

Generally, in-house courses would be run on a 1/2 day basis, 9am to 12.30pm or 1pm to 4.30pm, with a maximum of 10 delegates. Where hotels are part of a group (branded or membership-based), a central venue can be used. Below are a selection of the most common workshops that we run for hotels:

1. Generating income from Social Media Marketing

2. Getting more direct business from Email Marketing

3. Ten steps to profitable Direct Mail

4. SmartPhone your way to increased Revenue

5. "Wow" Photography to grab more customers

6. Five Digital Marketing Tools to Streamline in-house marketing

7. The ten key features of a Revenue-Generating Website

8. Increase your bottom line through Search Engine Optimisation

9. Using Google Analytics to improve your Marketing Strategy

10. Building a Marketing Action Plan - your guide to Success

11. Branding - the starting point for a Profitable Business

12. Pay Per Click Advertising that works (Google Adwords & Facebook Advertising)

Typically, courses cost £400-£500+vat, plus travel.