Tourism Bodies

Strategic Tourism Ltd can develop and manage tourism marketing training courses for tourism bodies. Previously we have worked with National Tourist Boards, The Best Practice Forum, Regional Tourist Boards, Regional Development Agencies, Business Link and Private Tourism Membership/Marketing Organisations.

Training Delivery

Our training is usually delivered face-to-face at a training venue, but we are increasingly being asked to deliver Online Webinars. We are happy to use either format. Larger seminars are also a option, but while these reach larger audiences, they are inevitably less personal.

Maximum Delegate Numbers

16 - Face-to-face training

30 - Online Webinar

50 - Seminar format

Delegate Recruitment

We are happy to either leave the recruitment of delegates to your in-house team, or manage the recruitment of delegates from start to finish. Where we are handling this, we would usually require access to your business or membership database (all marketing would be done in full compliance with the Data Protection Act).

Delegate Vetting

We encourage the vetting of deletages as part of the recruitment process, to ensure we don't have complete beginners and advanced delegates on the same course. This makes it very difficult to tailor accordingly and can result in negative feedback. 


Costs vary depending on the format of the training, length of training, subject and location. Where the Tourism Body organises the venue and recruitment, trainer costs would between £400 and £700+vat, plus travel expenses. Note that any handouts would be included in the trainer cost. 

Bespoke courses, where content needs to be more personalised to your group, would be charged at £50+vat per hour.

A final quotation would always be given to summarise all costs associated with running a course.

Our Courses

As well as bespoke courses, we offer these 'off-the-shelf' options:

General Courses:

Typically, these would be for 1 full day (10am to 4pm) with a maximum of 16 delegates.

1. An Introduction to Digital Marketing

2. Digital Marketing for Small Tourism Businesses

3. Developing a Marketing Strategy for your Business


Topic Courses:

Generally, these would be 1/2 day courses, 9am to 12.30pm or 1pm to 4.30pm, with a maximum of 16 delegates.

1. Generating income from Social Media Marketing

2. Getting more direct business from Email Marketing

3. Ten steps to profitable Direct Mail

4. SmartPhone your way to increased Revenue

5. "Wow" Photography to grab more customers

6. Five Digital Marketing Tools to Streamline in-house marketing

7. The ten key features of a Revenue-Generating website

8. Increase your bottom line through Search Engine Optimisation

9. Using Google Analytics to improve your Marketing Strategy

10. Building a Marketing Action Plan - your guide to Success

11. Branding - the starting point for a Profitable Business